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04-17-2002, 02:56 PM
Recently, our company upgraded from an older version of InstallShield Express to version 3.5 so we would be compatible with XP. The software installs fine on Win 95, 2000 and XP. However when the PC is rebooted after installing it on 98 or NT, a GPF message generated by Explorer appears and then the whole machine locks up. It is impossible to even start it up again using safe mode. So far, we've had to reimage several computers.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on what might be causing the problem? I've tried some things I've read about on other usenet groups from those with similiar problems, but so far nothing has helped.

Thanks for any suggestions!

04-17-2002, 03:04 PM
What files and merge modules are you including in the setup ?


04-18-2002, 07:58 AM
I went through my merge directories and composed a list. So the files installed would be the following list plus our exe file. Is there a particular file that causes a problem?

Msacc8.olb Msaccess.exe Msacnv30.dll
Msacnv30.exe Msaexp30.dll Msain800.dll Soa800.dll Utility.mda
system.mdw Wrkgadm.exe comcat.dll comctl32.ocx comdlg32.ocx
Dao2535.tlb Dao350.dll
Expsrv.dll JETCOMP.exe msexch35.dll
msexcl35.dll msjet35.dll msjint35.dll msjt4jlt.dll msjter35.dll
msltus35.dll mspdox35.dll msrd2x35.dll msrepl35.dll msrpfs35.dll
mstext35.dll msxbse35.dll Odbcjet.cnt Odbcjet.hlp vbajet32.dll
VBAR332.DLL mfc42.dll
Mfcans32.dll Mrt7enu.dll mscomm32.ocx
msmask32.ocx Mso97rt.dll msvcirt.dll msvcrt.dll
asycfilt.dll oleaut32.dll olepro32.dll
Vba332.dll Vba3en.dll Vbacv20.dll

04-18-2002, 09:14 AM
From the above list, which ones are coming from a Merge Module, and which ones are being picked up indevidually ?

The problem might be that the VB scan in Express has included a file that it shouldn't. An example would be msado15.dll that Express tries to install, but ado should be installed by mdac.


04-18-2002, 10:10 AM
I selected only Access 97 for my merge modules, although InstallShield automatically checked some other merge modules and then I used the static and dynamic scanning features to determine what other files needed to be included. So other than whatever the system needs for Access 97, is being picked up with the scanning feature.

The only other files that get installed are our exe, an icon file and a graphic. None of which uses any reserved names or anything and all of them ran on 98 & NT machines with the previous version of InstallShield, I think we had 2.0 before. I'm new to this project.

Figuring it would be more accurate than my picking though the directories, I copied a DOS window "dir /s" of the install CD, to make sure I got all the files and that way all the directories will appear also. Sorry for not thinking of this sooner.

I was under the impression that Express had filters that kept it from picking system critical files or from copying older files over newer ones ???

I attached the listing.


04-18-2002, 10:25 AM

Express does have a list of files it shouldn't include, but it doesn't work 100%

What windows platform are you creating the setup on ? I noticed that you have atl.dll included, and I know that there are diff versions of atl.dll for Win98 and NT and for Win2k.

Just a quick question: does your application need Access installing, or are you just connecting to an Access database from VB ?


04-18-2002, 10:38 AM
Hi John,

I'm creating the setup on Win2000. Our application uses Access 97 to control our program's database, so I believe we need it. However, I'm normally the embedded systems programmer and I am new to this project. I have worked with VB some, but I was hoping not to need to dig too deep into the actual VB code. I was hoping it would be easy to just make the install work for all possible operating systems, test it and ship it.

Is installing Access 97 a problem? Do I need to dig in and modify anything in the project itself? I notice even though I have Access 2000 installed on most of the computers here, the application creates & uses 97 databases. I have not looked into the reason for this, figuring it was not important. Probably because the original programmer used 97 and created initial database files for the user.


04-25-2002, 10:25 AM
In case anyone else has this problem, we did find a resolution. There were about 13 system files that got in despite the filters. Since we already had an installshield 2.x project, we converted that to 3.53, manually adding the files and we did not use the scanning utilities at all. This corrected the problem. We could probably have just deleted all the offending files, but thought it best to just start over because the scanning utility had added many files that our project didn't need.