View Full Version : Patch Problem

04-15-2002, 09:25 AM
I have a setup that I am trying to patch with a minor upgrade that has
unversioned files.

I have a an uncompressed setup, call it build 0.0.63, that I ran
msifiler.exe on
I changed the version to 0.0.64 and the package code and updated 1 file and
added 1 file and created a new uncompressed setup.
I ran the msifiler.exe to populate the msiFileHash table for this install.
I ran the patch wizard to create the patch.

The patch is 10 MB and the 2 files added/changed is less than 100 kb.

How do I create a patch that does not require the source and is about as
small as the patched files.

The patch log is attached.

What am I doing wrong?