View Full Version : Comctl merge module question

04-13-2002, 12:09 PM
I am looking to convert a IS6 installation to IS7. Currently I check the version of the ComCtl32.DLL on the target system and if it is less than I need I run (LaunchAndWait) the MS provided 50ComUpd.EXE to update the version.

I'm assuming that I should be using a merge module to do this in IS7. My questions are obviously because I don't really understand how merge modules work .... but here they are

1) Which of the several available common controls modules do I use. The descriptions don't actually seem to help me sort this out.


2) Is there a way to conditionally launch the merge module from IS7 by checking the versions etc. or do I just ignore what I did in the past and assume that the merge module will do all the right things related to versions etc.