View Full Version : 1628 Failed to complete installation.

04-10-2002, 10:44 AM
After compiling my installscript I go to run the build in debug mode and I'm getting this error:

1628 Failed to complete installation.

Why might this be happening?


04-16-2002, 08:24 AM
Well since no one seems to be venturing a guess at my problem. Probably because I didn't offer my event log. I went ahead and sort of solved the problem myself :)

I noticed I had the directory the SUPPORTDIR pointing to open (c:\temp\{some guid}\ ) in a windows explorer window. I know their are some other issues with having installation directories open when attempting to perform a build. I think it's actually mentioned in the tutorial that you must have windows explorer closed to do a compile of the script. So maybe by closing explorer it helped.

I also closed down installshield and made sure there were no processes hanging around.

I did also delete the key in hklm\sw\ms\windows\currver\uninst\installshield uninst info\guid

which I don't think had an affect but it may have helped. The guid didn't match my product code. I'm leaning to believe that making sure all of the processes are killed and closing the open windows explorer led to my solution.

Hope this helps somebody.