View Full Version : [HOW-TO]Install sequence ?

04-10-2002, 01:39 AM
I am new to Installdhield developer 7,
and I find that very difficult to start with this software.

Copy files according to user action from CD-Rom
if user choose A in dialog, copy files in folder A from CD-ROM
else copy files in Folder B from CD-ROM
(5xxx files with about 4xxmb)

1) How to change and edit the installation sequence ?
(add the dialog which let the user to choose the options A/B ?)

2) How to get the user choice and then perform the files copy ?
(Is it create a radio group and then get the value ?)

3) How can I choose which files to be copied according to the user choice ?
(I think it is something that involve scripting, but don't know how to start. Where can I place the code ? And when will the code be proccessed ? (after the created dialog or at the built-in dialog ?)

4) I just used the GUI (drag and drop from file explorer) to specify the destination of the files, but cannot find the condition option about when will the files be copied.......is it any easy way to set ?

5) I had think of using merge module, but the total files is about 5xxx, and the files size is about 4xx mb, it makes the msm file very large, is it a good method under the scenrio ?

Would anyone please kindly help me ?