View Full Version : CD ROM Release folder structure

04-08-2002, 12:16 PM
I am trying to build a CD ROM release with uncompressed files, so the program can run from the CD or it can be installed. I want the folder structure to start from the CD's root but it always distributes it to the CD image with the same structure as my destination directory. eg. \Program Files\My Folder.

I have recently switched from IS 6 to IS Developer 7 and I was always used to setting the CD ROM directory to the correct path. Is there a similar way to do this in developer. For the most part my installation installs correctly, but once installed the program searches the cd for .mov files in a specific directory and it can not find them because it is not on the root of the cd. Instead, it is in the \Program Files\ohiohist sub directory.

Any input would be appreciated!

Todd Wolfe
Sr. Support Tech
Electronic Vision, Inc.