View Full Version : Where are file settings in C#/.NET Wizard project?

04-05-2002, 09:08 PM
When I created a project from within Visual Studio .NET using the InstallShield project wizard, it created the project just fine.

Now when I go into Developer, in the Setup Design view and look at the components, I can see them, but if I select the Files entry for one of the components, all I see is something like 'MyLibName.Primary Output'. How is this entry created, as I cannot find how it references back to the actual .dll? The 'Link To' column is empty, but how does it find the file?

Also, if I need to add another component, mine is added with the .dll listed. Why are the wizard's component settings different from what I can do manually?


(I've attached a screenshot.)

Art Middlekauff
04-23-2002, 02:18 PM
The Project Wizard allows you to add links to project outputs from Visual Studio .NET projects. These project outputs are resolved at build-time by querying the Visual Studio .NET project.

If you want more control over the exact files, you can add normal file references rather than project outputs.

In the current version of Developer, there is no way to view what the project output will resolve to without building. However, in 7.04, you will be able to click on the file in the Files View and see how the file will be resolved when built.