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04-05-2002, 04:14 PM

I've got a quick question... I've got a dialog that asks the user if they want to stop IIS. If they click yes, a dialog appears ("Stopping IIS...") using SpawnWaitDialog with a condition of DIALOG_IIS_STOPPED = 1 and a custom action called StopIIS that sets the value of DIALOG_IIS_STOPPED to 1 when it is finished stopping IIS. The idea is for the dialog to go away once the service has stopped.

The problem I'm having is StopIIS is firing before my dialog is displayed, even if I use "MoveUp" to resequence the events on the button.

Thank you for any assistance or ideas you might suggest,


01-24-2003, 11:45 AM
If you go to the ControlEvent table under the DirectEditor, make sure that the Ordering field of your events is correct, Start with 1 for the first event to be executed and increment for each subsequent event.

InstallShield does not do a good job of updating these fields. The order in which these are displayed in the editor is not the order in which they will be executed.

For that matter InstallShield does not do a good job at anything. I find myself editing the tables directly all the time. I am really getting frustrated and I will not buy 8 until they finish coding 7. :mad: