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03-31-2002, 01:13 AM
I’m created a tutorial with DemoShield, version 7.01, and I want to included a survey at the end of the tutorial. However, I am unable to email the result to my self and could use some help. I've included a copy of the tutorial.

Here’s what I’ve done:
1. I created a scene with about 20 questions
2. Each question contains 5 radio buttons what are group into 1
example: "Group - Policies" contains 5 radio buttons "Policies -1, Policies - 2, and so on".
3. I've assigned a value to each button using "preformed calculations" that is passed to its respected variable.
4. When the user click on the ‘Submit’ button I use the command “Go to Scene" that takes you to the following screne "Survey – Exit”
5. The “Survey – Exit” scene loads and immediately preforms an Event that send an email, with the following command:
a. True Actions > Send Email
b. Email address: edwardciabattari@chevrontexaco.com
c. Subject: Survey
d. Message:
Name: <Intro screen.EF Name>
Email: <Intro screen.Email >
Results: <Survey.Survey Variable - 1>

This is where I run into problems. I can only add so many lines and I run out. I get to about the 4th result and I can no longer add any more data.

How can I resolve this issue and can someone assist in me in resolving this problem?

I've included a copy of the demo, just need to change the file name to

04-02-2002, 09:23 AM
There is a limit of 240 characters for the message field of the Send Mail Action. I see that you are using a lot of tokens to print variables. I would suggest that you rename these objects to shorter names so that you can fit in more variables. For example, if you change Survey Variable - 1 to something like SV1, that would save almost 15 characters.