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Ian Baxter
03-26-2002, 06:37 PM
I have been trying to get a dialog going. This dialog is supposed to call an Installshield script when the user hits a command button, and then returns to the installation sequence.

It was working, and then it stopped - and I certainly didn't change it 'cause it was working fine... If it ain't broke...

So I ripped everything out of the Custom Actions, removed the dialog from the User Interface sequence and then toasted the dialog from the project. To make sure everything was gone, I went into the Direct Editor and checked out each table to make sure it was all gone - and I can't see anything anywhere to tell me there are any residuals from the dialog and custom actions.

Now I am re-adding everything back and as I add each custom action, I get a message:

"The new record duplicates primary keys of the existing record in a table."

I would think I would have seen this in the Direct Editor, but no indication as to what the problem could be. Anyone have any ideas? I do not want to have to rebuild this project from scratch again, but it's looking like I have no choice.

Oh, and if I change the sequence number of an action or dialog in the User Interface or Execute sequences, it doesn't change the display. The action/dialog remains exactly where it was in the first place, but the sequence number remains changed. Wierd, no? Or is this by design?

03-27-2002, 05:11 PM
Hi Ian,

So, there are three issues:
1. Your dialog stopped working. We'd like to know why that happened, but if everything has been ripped out, we may never know why unless you have a backup of your project.

2. "The new record duplicates primary keys of the existing record in a table." I think this is because:
a. You have a basic project.
b. We are creating the Custom Actions that are needed to support InstallScript, and one (or some) of them still exist(s). Before creating you new custom action, try using the Direct Editor to delet these entries from the CustomAction table... ISScriptBridge.dll, InstallScript, IsConfig.INI, ISRT.DLL, _ISRES1033.DLL, String1033.txt.

3. Changing sequence number doesn't refresh the sequence in the tree. This will work in the next major release of AdminStudio.


Ian Baxter
03-27-2002, 06:29 PM
Love to help with #1, but... I'm 2 months behind now and panicked, frustrated and this ain't the time or place to vent. I toasted it but good.

#2 I can certainly add some detail to. I checked the table before I started, and the entries that existed were only for those custom actions that don't relate to the dialog (I have 4 calls to functions in one script that were present) as well as the ones that seem to "just appear" as part of the default. None of the custom actions I was re-adding were present, and when I readded them a second time, I changed the names to attempt to avoid this conflict - with no luck.

When I created the project, I converted over an .INC file There is no option to set for creating it as a basic MSI project or Standard Project. Neither can I find anything indicating what type of project it is now.

As for #3, I would have thought that saving the project and then re-opening it would have had the effect of reindexing the sequences, but it didn't.

03-27-2002, 08:55 PM
Hi Ian,

1. Let us know if you see this same problem when we get past problem #2. And, feel free to vent. :)

2. I was mistaken when I said to delete them from the CustomAction table. I meant the Binary table. I'm sorry about that.

3. I would have thought the same. So, it's a good thing it'll be fixed.


04-24-2002, 11:28 AM
#2 I was facing the same problem. I fixed it but resetting the entries in DIRECT EDITOR->ISINSTALLSCRIPTACTION