View Full Version : Problems with Custom Actions, Scripts, etc...

Ian Baxter
03-25-2002, 07:11 PM
I am still trying to get my head around these. I have managed to "debug" the scripts, and have gotten them to work from time to time, but I can never consistently get a handle on script behaviour.

For instance, I have two scripts - one to create an .INI and another to delete it. The create part works fine. The delete part worked fine for a while, but no longer does. It seems to be related to where in the sequence the script is placed, and whether or not it's in the Execute or User Interface sequence.

I have a dialog also built, and placed in the User Interface sequence that is supposed to call scripts depending on which button is clicked. The dialog shows, the behaviour is set, and for some strange reason, it sometimes calls the scripts - and sometimes not.

Is there anyone out there that can assist?

I'm willing to trade knowledge - and scripts. I have one that sets permissions on a file or directory during an MSI install - and it works under Windows XP...

Be nice if they exposed the entire Win32 API, and I think it can be done... Does anyone have some good pointers there?