View Full Version : Read Reg Key malfunction in 7.0

03-25-2002, 03:35 PM
I am building an Install CD. I am trying to get DemoShield (DS) to read the Acrobat Reg Key off the computer, then either run a pdf file off of my install CD, or prompt the user to install Acrobat from the CD.

I have used the HOW TO document no. Q105465 but here is what happens:

When I transition from the main screen to the Read me screen the Reg Key action goes off automatically, even though I have assigned it to a "Left Click Mouse UP" event. At the moment, as soon as I transition, DS picks the pdf file and opens it.

Why is DS not waiting for the event?

I have the "Read Reg Key" action on "left click mouse UP."
The Event object on the "Read Me First" scene has for True Actions: go to Install Acrobat scene to prompt the user.
The False Action is: Launch Associated Application "scsinst.pdf"


03-25-2002, 03:51 PM

My guess is that the Event Object that you have that checks for Acrobat is set to 0.0 seconds, which means that it is going to trigger no matter what.

What you need to do is set the Event Object outside of the scene time so that it will not trigger automatically. Therefore, if your scene is 60 seconds, you will need to set the Event Object to 61 seconds. Then, in the button where you are triggering the Event Object, you will set up the Trigger Event Object to look like the following:

Scene Name: the name of your scene
Object Name: your event object
Event Name: Time
Event Trigger Time: 62

This will force DemoShield to go just past the time of your Event Object (61 seconds) and therefore trigger the Event.

Also, we have a check for Acrobat Reader as one of our conditions in our Event Objects, so you can use this instead of the Read Registry Key action.

I have attached a small sample demo that checks for Acrobat Reader and displays a message telling the user that Acrobat is either installed or not installed.

I hope this helps.