View Full Version : Trouble With DS7 Jumpmarks

03-14-2002, 03:45 PM
I have a simple demo that basically allows the user to see the tutorial at his own pace. I wanted to use Jumpmarks. The problem I'm having DS7.01 is not reacting the way I expect. I'm using the left and right keys to go to next and previous jumpmarks. I set my demo properties to use the left and right keys. For some reason, some of my scene jumpmarks instead of going to a previous jumpmark they go to the previous scene. I have the Forward and Backward on all the objects that need it. Is there a bug on this? Or I am missing something.

I have The Go To Next Jumpmark marked only on the first object, only the Go To Previous Jumpmark on the last object and both on the ones in between. I tried different combinations and still the keys send me to the previous scene. The scenes have a Pause On Scene set.

Also I have an Event object go to the next scene when the right arrow is clicked. How do I make a scene that when the left arrow is clicked and the scene is at the beginning it will cause it to go to the previous scene. A go to previous scene is not a good choice or I'll end up looping. Any help from DS support or any DS users will be appreciated. Pablo.

03-14-2002, 05:23 PM
I would like to see how your demo is set up. This will help in determining why the jumpmarks are forcing the demo to go to the other scenes. Would it be possible for you to send the demo file or a sample of the demo file that displays this behavior?

Also, to set up your scene to allow the user to go to the previous scene based on the left arrow you can do the following:

Create a HotSpot at the beginning of the scene.
Set the Life Properties so the Object will stay on scene only for a specific portion of time.
Then assign a Key Press event under the Actions tab to assign the left arrow to Go To Previous Scene.

I hope this helps.