View Full Version : BUG: License agreement snipping

12-25-1996, 01:00 AM
I noticed the license agreement inclusion code you're using splits long
paragraphs. I haven't taken the time to count the number of characters
before each split, but I've included a paragraph below for you to do the
counting. It is extremely unprofessional to have a paragraph chopped
right in the middle.

The word machine is chopped after the m in the last sentence of the
paragraph. I have 5 other paragraphs chopped like this one; one is even
split in two places.

--------- LICENSE AGREEMENT PARAGRAPH: -------------------
You may use the Software on a single computer. You may copy the Software
only for backup purposes, provided that you reproduce all copyright and
other proprietary notices that are on the original copy of the Software.
You may transfer the Software and all rights under this Agreement to
another party together with a copy of this Agreement if the other party
agrees to accept the terms of this Agreement. If you transfer the
Software, you must at the same time either transfer all copies whether
in printed or m
achine-readable form to the same party or destroy any copies not
--------- END OF PARAGRAPH -------------------------------

Any chance of getting this fixed soon? We're ready to cut disks!

Todd Hale