View Full Version : BDE install clobbers existing configuration

11-06-1996, 01:00 AM
Hello Folks,

I am using ISX pro eval and have been encountered a
problem with a partial BDE install with no aliases. If the
target machine has bde already installed, ISX pro does not
merge the config files. It creates a new file and sets all
pointers to it. The existing config file is renamed and
not used rendering existing bde applications useless.

I am using ISX pro eval version 1.1 and am creating a 32-bit
only install.

Suggestions/workarounds are greatly appreciated.


11-11-1996, 01:00 AM
Best of luck! I went through a lengthy email, phone tirade over
this and as far as I know, it just doesn't work. I was told
"Use 1.1, trust us" but thought better...

You'll probably get some helpful posts telling you to read
the white papers, restate the problem, phone someone,
etc. and who knows, you might be the lucky one that
gets a resolution. Keep us informed! :)

They're probably not that interested in the Delphi market.