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03-06-2002, 11:55 PM
Hi again Kim,

I would also like to know how to add a text input box that has to be filled in before allowing you to go to another scene.

We have been doing extensive testing of the Demo we created and it seems to freeze under Windows NT4, is their any known problems with Demo's created with Demoshield 6.71 running on NT4?


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03-07-2002, 11:08 AM
I am attaching a sample demo that has an Edit Field that requires an entry before going to the next Scene. Here's what I did:

I created and Edit Field and under the Comparison String, I left that blank (because we are going to check if there user did not enter any info). As the Comparison Key, I chose "All Comparisons". I find this best to cover all my bases.

Then, under the Actions tab, I want to set up what happens when the Edit Field compares itself. Now remember, we left the comparison field blank (the user *not* entering info), so if this is True, we want our warning to appear. If this is False (the user did enter info), then we go to the Next Scene. So, for True Actions, I have Show Text 1, which is my warning message. And for False Actions, I have Go to Next Scene.

When the user clicks the Submit button, this causes a loss of focus in the Edit Fields (one of the comparison keys) and triggers the comparison.

I also have put in an Edit Field that triggers a Left-Clicks-Mouse-Up Action on the Edit Field. This ensures that the Edit Field is activated. I want to do this because if the user never clicks in the Edit Field, the comparison will not happen.

I hope my example helps.

Regarding the demo freezing with NT4 machines, I will need some more info:

What other systems have you tried on?
Have you tried multiple NT machines or only one?
Is the demo freezing at a particluar Scene or area of the demo?
Do you have movie or sound files? Are these embeded in the demo or Imported by Reference?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Sap support
03-11-2002, 05:20 PM
Thanks for that, worked great.

The NT problem we are having is the opening scene (which has an event that checks the system date and how many times the test results have been printed) freezes.

The demo contains sound, video, graphics, rtf files that were imported by reference.

I also need to know how to clear the name field in the "#96 scene" scene (please find attached).

03-12-2002, 11:34 AM
Thanks for the demo.

The problem with the first scene freezing seems to be from the fact that you have multiple event objects that are getting triggered at the same time. Because you have two Events getting triggered at 0.0 seconds and one Event getting triggered at 0.4 seconds, DemoShield is actually triggering all these Events all together. DemoShield is triggering all of these Events regardless of the conditions on them because they are all set to trigger at certain times inside the Scene.

If you want to have one Event Object occur and then trigger other Event Objects based on the result, you will need to set some of the Event Objects outside of the Scene time. I am including a small sample demo that checks the Year and Month. First, I check and if the year is 2002, I trigger the Month Event Object outside of Scene time. If the month is March, I go to a Scene that says "It's March 2002!". If the month is not March, I go to a Scene that says "It's NOT March 2002!".

To clear the contents of the Edit Field, uncheck the "Permanently Save Contents" box in the Object Styles tab.

I hope this helps.

Sap support
03-12-2002, 05:27 PM
So having multiple events trigger at the same time freeze the demo in NT4? Why does this not occur in 2000, 95 or 98?

We just deleted the events and tried again, still nothing, the first scene will not even show.

I cant uncheck the "permanently save contects" check box in the object style tab because I want the demo to permanently save the number of prints of the test results (Unless there is some other way to do this).


03-13-2002, 11:58 AM
I have an NT machine and have not seen any problems. Every time I run the demo it starts up at the beginning scene. When you say that the first scene will not show, does it go to another scene or does nothing happen? I would also suggest that you uncheck the "Maximize Time Event Generation" option in the Demo | Properties menu under the Options tab. That might be causing problems.

Regarding the edit field: If you want to save the info in an ini file, then it will show up in the edit field. There is not a way to save the info and not have it show up in the edit field.

Sap support
03-13-2002, 05:51 PM
What version of NT are you testing the demo on?

If we cannot reset a variable is there any other way to have the demo timeout after x amount of prints have been made?

03-14-2002, 11:45 AM
I am using NT4 SP6. Which version are you using.

I also must admit that I am confused about your Edit Field issue. The Edit Field that you asked about in #96 Scene is asking for the user's name. What relation does this Edit Field have to tracking the number of prints that have been made? I guess I'm not sure what exactly you want to do.

Sap support
03-14-2002, 05:46 PM
The edit field in #96 scene is used to capture the users name and display it on a certificate thats printed upon successful completion of all test questions.

The variable used to capture the users name is a local scene variable.

We have another variable, a global variable that counts how many times a user prints the test result certificate.

Once the user reaches a predefined number of prints the demo will timeout.

Our problem is we cannot seem to get the local variable to clear even we have an event in the #96 scene that sets the constant of the variable to 0.

I assumed this was because we have the "Permanently save variables" checkbox selected (This needs to be selected to capture the number of prints being made on the machine being used).

So what we want to know is...

Can we have a local variable that will clear each session even though we have selected the "Permanently save variables" (to count prints made) checkbox?


03-15-2002, 11:52 AM

You don't have to have the Permantely save contents checked on the Edit Field because the Edit Field value (V Name Entered) is not the variable that is actually checking the number of prints. What you want to save is the number of prints Global Variable, Number4(Global). If you go to the Demo | Properties menu, under the Globals tab, there is a checkbox that says "Permantely save variables". This will save your Global Variables to an ini file. If you uncheck the save contents box on the Edit Field, the value will be saved for the duration of the demo and will be reset when the demo is run again and therefore the field will be blank when the user runs the demo again.

I also notice that in the Thank You scene where you are printing the certificate, you have two event objects that are triggered at 0.0 seconds, one to check that the user answered all 60 questions, and one to check if they have printed the results more than 50 times. Because these are both set to 0.0, if the users has printed more than 50 times, it will automatically go to the nohits scene and the user will not see the Thank You scene. I think that you want to have this event checked when the user hits the print button. To do this you will need to set the event object outside of the scene time. Since your scene is 7 seconds long, you can set it to 8 seconds. Then, change the trigger event action on the print button to look like the following:

Scene Name: Thank You
Object Name: Event 1
Event Name: Time
Event Trigger Time: 9

This will force the demo to go just past 8 seconds, therefore triggering the event object.

You will also need to take out all of the other actions on the print button. The way you have it set up now, it is printing results and then going to another scene, and triggering the event object to see if the user has printed more than 50 times. Therefore, the certificate will get printed regardless. The print button should only trigger the event object. In the event object, you check the number of prints. If the number is less than 50, then under the True Actions, put all of your print actions and go to another scene if you want. If the number if 50, then go to the nohits scene.

I hope this helps.

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04-03-2002, 10:21 PM

We are trying to add a timout for our demo.

We have the initial scene check the system date via an event and send the demo to a scene that says the demo has expired if the system year is later than 2005. (please find sample attached.)

The problem is the event seems to work within the demoshield environment, if we change the system date to above 2005 and run the demo within demoshield the event will execute the correct scene (telling the user the demo has timed out)

However if we build the demo and run it, it does not work it will still go to the "intro" scene even if the system date is above 2005.


04-08-2002, 02:11 PM
I think that when you were creating the Yearcheck event object, you put 2005 as a constant string value instead of a constant numeric value. I setup the event object using a constant numeric value of 2005 and everything worked fine.

Sap support
07-04-2002, 06:36 PM