View Full Version : Can I still get hold of ISX2.02?

03-05-2002, 06:33 AM
I am a registered owner of InstallShield Express 2.01. I have recently been reviewing some previous installations prior to re-shipment.

I am having problems with InstallShield 2.01 (not allowing user selection of which files are to be registered).

It seems as if a version 2.02 was available at one time (1999) as a free download to correct these problems for people who had paid for 2.01 (like me). This download is not now accessible on the website.

Is it possible to get hold of Installshield 2.02?
Are there any other later versions that will solve this problem and that will be free?

Other than this I find Installshield very flexible and generally useful.


Matt Fry