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03-05-2002, 02:50 AM

into a certain scene I created a text object that needs to show different text if you move over a certain button within the scene. For doing this, I created for every different text a text objext and created for every text a 'rtf' document that I imported within the resource manager and then linked to the text object.

I have some questions about this:
- Is this the proper way to work???

- can I use one rtf document that contains all text used within the demo or do I need to use several rtf documents like I did???

- The text within the rtf document needs to be translated into different languages. Is there a certain syntax for rtf documents like the exported demo textfile or do I need to do something else??

- When I export the demo text, the text within textobjext(if hardcoded), is not exported to the file. Is this normal. Is there a way to do so instead of working with rft files????

Thanks in advance for your help,

Christoph Van Echelpoel
Agfa-Gevaert N.V.

03-05-2002, 10:52 AM
If you want to set up a scene in your demo to display different text based on a specific button the user mouses over, you can do this two different ways.

One way would be to create a single Text Object and select RTF Defined as the Text Style. Then create a separate RTF file for each series of text you would like to display. Import the RTF files into the Text tab of the Resource Manager. Next, select the RTF file that you would like to be initially displayed. Then, within each Button Object, under Moves Mouse On, create a Set Contents action. Assign the action to set the Contents of the Text Object to the RTF file you would like displayed for that Button Object.

Another way to set this up would be to create a separate Text Object for each button in the scene. Assign all the Text Objects to a group. Then, hide all the text objects. Next, within each Button object, under Moves Mouse On, assign a Hide action to hide the group of Text Objects. Then assign a Show action to show the Text Object you would like displayed.

When exporting the Demo Text for translation, DemoShield will not export data for RTF defined Text Object and Multi-Style Text Objects. Therefore, you would not be able to translate these the same as the rest of the Text in your demo. If you are looking to translate all text within your demo, I would recommend using the User Defined Style along with the second setup I mentioned above using multiple text objects.

I hope this helps.