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03-02-2002, 04:45 AM

I try to open an HTML local file with Demoshield 7.
1- With lauch associed application :
I put : <path>test.html<path>
=> Wont Work.
I put : test.html
=> Wont Work.
I put : <path>.\test.html<path>
=> Wont Work.

2- OK, so lets try to read the associed application in registry
open regitry key.
registry key to read HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\htmlfile\shell\open\command\;string
Yes ! It works.
I stor it on text 1 global variable.
I make an action wich lauche this variable.
But instead of runing
"C:\\Program Files\\Internet Explorer\\iexplore.exe\" -nohome"
He try to run iexplore.exe\ -nohome

Any Idea ?

Thank you,


03-04-2002, 10:24 AM
To play back your demo are you running the demo in the DemoShield Designer or through the DemoShield Player (demo32.exe)?

The path that is specified for a Launch Associated Application action is based off the location of the DemoShield Player. Therefore, if you are running the demo in the Designer, DemoShield is using the DS Player from the Program folder where DemoShield is installed on your system. If you run the demo from a build folder, you will need to make sure the DS Player is launched from that location to ensure the path to the file is correct. You can launch the player from the build folder location either by double-clicking on the launch.exe, double-clicking on the demo32.exe or by dragging and dropping the .dbd file onto the demo32.exe.

Based on the path you specified in your posting (<path>test.html<path>) you will need to make sure a copy of the test.html file is in the same directory as the DS Player (demo32.exe).

If you are planning on distributing the HTML file with your demo, I would recommend Importing by Reference the HTML file into the Files tab of the Resource Manager. Then, build a test directory to test the demo playback to ensure the path is correct.

I hope this helps.