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02-27-2002, 04:56 PM
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...The Launch Associated Application Action is used to launch an application that will utilize some files that are already installed on the users system (such as a .pdf file if the user already has Adobe installed on their system).
If you are not sure whether or not the user has Adobe installed on their system, you would benefit more by using a Launch Application Action, launching the Adobe Acrobat Reader and then specifying the .pdf file in the Command line of the Action.
Now, if your CD Browser directory is set up like this:

CD Root-
Bin Folder
Adobe Folder
Then the path you would specify in your Launch Application Action would look like this:

<path>..\Adobe Folder\Adobe.exe<path>

And the Command Line would look like this:

<path>..\Adobe Folder\filename.pdf<path>


you mean WITHOUT installation of the reader...

is possible to do that...read a pdf without install acrobat reader?

i'm trying to do this but AcroRd32.exe ask me for dll...and after join all the dll asked in the Adobe Folder...stunk with a alarm box...

any idea...


02-27-2002, 05:32 PM
When launching the Adobe Acrobat Reader from the CD rather than installing the application, you will need to make sure all necessary files for the Reader are included with your distribution. You may want to copy the entire contents of the Reader folder (minus any subdirectories) to your distribution folder to ensure all necessary files are included.

I hope this helps.