View Full Version : Question about non-advertised shortcuts behaviour

02-22-2002, 02:38 AM

I install an application that creates 3 non-advertised shortcuts. Those 3 shortcuts reside in separate components, and have a registry key under HKCU as key path.

Shortcut1 [ProgramFilesFolder]\File1.exe
Shortcut2 [ProgramFilesFolder]\File2.xyz (.xyz extension opens with File3.exe)
Shortcut3 [ProgramFilesFolder]\File3.exe

Everything works fine with the user who installed the application.

When I log on with a different user than the one who installed the application, the first time I click on shortcuts, what happens is the following:

Shortcut1: Application is launched immediately.
Shortcut2 or Shortcut3: I get a Windows Installer Window "Please wait while Installer configures application..." and then application is launched.

I think I have the explanation why this happens: HKCU entries do not exist yet when I log on with the second user and Windows Installer needs to add those registry entries.

My questions are:

1) Is this the normal behaviour with non-advertised shortcuts?
2) Why do non-advertised shortcuts need to have a registry key under HKCU as key path?
3) Why Windows Installer does not write HKCU registry entries when I click on Shortcut1?
4) I have observed that when I uninstall the application, the registry entries remain under HKCU for the secod user that did not perform the uninstall. Is this normal? What can I do to correct this?
5) I do not want the users to see a Windows Installer window when they launch the application for first time, but I do not want to use advertised shortcuts. What can I do?

Hope someone will be able to answer those questions.