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02-19-2001, 01:00 AM
Thanks. I has missed the "Conditions" tab altogether and was trying to set
"Disabled" into an "Event" on the "Events" tab. The "Conditions" tab works
much better.

- Bob Swerdlow

"Chen Drori" <chen@pelicansecurity.com> wrote in message
Go to the dialog in which you want to disable the contron,
go to the "Behavior" screen,
click on the "Conditions" tab
click on the name of the control you want to disable,
and in the "Action" column, select "Disable", and enter a condition in the
"Condition" column.

You'll also have to do this to enable your control.
For example, if you have a propety named "disableCtl",
you could select your control, and add a "Disable" action with the condition
"disableCtl=1" in the Condition column,
and an "Enable" action with a "disableCtl <> 1" in the Condition column.

02-10-2002, 07:10 AM

I want to disable a checkbox control in a dialog after a specific button is pressed. What is the easiest way to do it?


02-10-2002, 04:58 PM
You can set a property that is activated when the button is pressed, eg. BUTTON=1 and then set the control condition to be false when BUTTON=1

02-11-2002, 02:11 AM
Can you set a property without using a custom action?

02-11-2002, 05:22 PM
I am not sure if there is a way to set a property on a button push with out using a custom action.

There doesnt seem to be any way except for wrting a custom action. Unless you can get the user to use a check box or something like that which stores the property name and value which you can use later.

02-20-2002, 08:16 AM