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08-15-2000, 12:00 AM
So if I understand this right, the cached msi will never change. The
operatingsystem will read the cached msi and all cached msp's, and "merge"
these packages in memory at runtime?


"Robert M. Dickau"
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> You can update the MSI file as well: the cached MSI package won't contain
> the changes, but the MSP file (which contains the MSI changes) should also
> be cached.
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> > I use ISWI to create a patch. In the newest version of the program, I
> a
> > new property to the Property Table. I run "update.exe" and the correct
> files
> > get updated. When I open the cached msi file in c:\winnt\installer, the
> new
> > property doesn't exist in the Property Table. Can I just make changes to
> > files, shortcuts and so on, or can I update the msi file as well (e.g.
> > change a caption in a dialog via the Control Table).
> >
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02-05-2002, 07:55 AM
Scenario: I distributed version 1.0 of my VB6 app with an EXE called MyProject.EXE.

I just completed a maintenance update and it will be called version 1.1. The only file that is updated is the EXE, some code fixes.

I build a patch in ISDev and it comes out to 5+ megs.

I use another program that does a binary compare of the two EXE's and it gives me a patch updater size of 500K.

Naturally, I prefer to distribute the smaller file.

Question is: Can I use my binary patcher? It will update the EXE, no problem. However, when 1.5 comes out and I want to use ISDev's patch (really Windows Installer), will it choke on me because it doesn't recognize the EXE? The version number of the new EXE will still be greater than the one I binary updated to, which is 1.1, new one in the WI Patch is 1.5.

Interested in your thoughts and consideration on this.


02-05-2002, 09:13 AM
I'm still learning MSI so I'm not sure, but won't Installer try to repair your installation if you replace the exe file outside of its control?