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John McCallum
01-25-2002, 05:53 PM
Is it just my browser or does using the search function screw up the Back button? After a search, if I try to go 'Back,' I stay in the same spot.

01-25-2002, 11:04 PM

The search page will take you to an intermediate page saying "Wait..." then redirect you to another page. When you click the back button it takes you to that intermediate page with the redirect again. The way around this is to go back 2 pages within your browser.

If you're using IE, there's a dropdown Arrow you can click on, next to the "Back" button. This will let you go back as far as you want to go in your browsing history.

If you're using Opera, there's also a dropdown arrow right beside the back button.

If you're using Mozilla or Netscape, there's also the dropdown arrow beside the back button.

If you're using Lynx, then I've forgotten how you'd go back. :o (but Lynx was a fantastic browser for its time)


PS. Yes, I've actually used all of the above browsers.