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01-23-2002, 05:37 AM
Dear Demoshield
We are producing a Sales Kit that includes links to approx 20 PDF files and 30 Powerpoint presentations (all activated via the Launch Associated Application action).

The problem is that when the Sales Kit is packaged as a CD Browser it takes forever to open the external PDF and PPS files. On some laptops (especially those with an external CD device connected via cable) the PC gets stuck.

Would it be better to do a complete install of the Demos and exernal files via the Set Wizard option? If so how do I transfer all the external files (PDF files and Powerpoint presentations) automatically to the client PC.

I do not really want to use Installshield to do this mainly because my department does not have a license and would prefer to remain within Demoshield. If possible, I would like to give the user the option to do an Uninstall of all the files.

01-23-2002, 10:40 AM

I would suggest putting in a Pause Demo Action before your Launch Associated App Actions as this will help free up CPU resources before launching your files.

What version of DemoShield are you using?

01-23-2002, 04:06 PM
I am using Demoshield 6.7.

01-23-2002, 04:59 PM
Ok, using the Pause Demo Action before the Launch Associated App Action should do the trick. Have you had a chance to try this yet?

01-23-2002, 05:07 PM
Hi Shawna
No I haven't tried this yet as I have some other unrelated content issues to update before I produce another CD.
Meanwhile, what about using the Set Wizard option and transferring all the external files (automatically) to the client CD-ROM. Is this possible and if so do you recommend this option.

01-23-2002, 05:21 PM
If you are talking about the Setup Wizard option as a distribution method instead of the CD Browser option, this might be OK. It would launch the files quickly, however, here are what I see as the possible disadvantages to this:

- the user has to first install the demo to thier system, and then run it (as opposed to the CD Browser which will autorun the demo). Depending on the size of your demo (including all files and resouces) this may take more time than you want to install

- after viewing the demo, the user will have to uninstall it from the add/remove progams applet. they might find this a pain

Another kind of not-as-good alternative is to import your files so that they are embeded into your demo (don't import by Reference). Then when the demo first starts, it will temporarily copy all of your files into the user's Temp directory and then load them from there when the demo is running. When the demo is stopped, the files will be automatically deleted from the Temp directory. HOWEVER, the down side to this is because you have so many files, it will proabably take quite a while for all of the files to load in the first place, which might be even worse than the lag time you are seeing now.

I have faith in the Pause Demo Action helping, so I would for sure try this first as it is the easiest and best (in my opinion) solution.

01-23-2002, 05:31 PM
Thanks for your advice. Will let you know of any improvement in performance

01-30-2002, 03:42 PM
Finally completed the CD Saleskit (including the Pause Demo option you suggested before activating external files).
Tested the Master on all sorts of PCs and operating system.
Works like a dream!
Just sent a Master file to the printers for burning 1000 copies

Many Thanks