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01-20-2002, 12:08 PM

I am a new user struggling with my first demo !!

I have attached avi's to buttons for the user to select and play.

The avi plays just fine but when it is finished it does not disappear from the screen, it just hangs around and a distorted background half reappears. I cannot see how to clear the avi once it has played?

Help please !!

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01-21-2002, 03:00 PM
To help me understand this issue further, I will need some additional information.

What version of DemoShield are you using?

Do you have the latest maintenance release for the version you are working with?

Do you have the Wait for AVI to Play option selected within the Play Video actions?

Do your videos cover up the demo during the playback?

Is your demo full screen or windowed?

I look forward to hearing from you.

01-27-2002, 09:55 AM

Sorry for the delay in my reply I have been running courses all week not time to think !!

I am using Version 7.0 - I've download the maintenance release today.

I used Camtasia to make the avi content.

I do not have wait for avi to run selected - i have tried it both ways

The videos run on top of the demo and are around half the size of the screen - I am running them using the normal selection.

I look forward to your response


01-28-2002, 12:22 PM
It sounds as though the scene may not be refreshing properly. One suggestion you can try is the following:

Try creating a duplicate scene to play the video in. In the button that the user will click on to play the video, assign a Go To Scene action and take the user to the new scene. Create a Streaming Media Object in the duplicate scene to play the video. If the video resource is embedded assign the following path: <temp>video.avi<temp> If the video is Imported by Reference assign the following: <path>video.avi<path>
Next, go to the Actions tab of the Streaming Media object and select After Playback. Assign a Go To Scene action and have the scene go back to the original scene.

What this will do is, when the user clicks on the button the demo will go to the duplicate scene and play the video file. The user will not know this is a duplicate scene because it will look exactly the same as the original. When the video finishes playing it will return back to the original for the user to continue.

I hope this helps.

03-11-2002, 01:00 PM

Thanks for the advice - a bit long winded but it worked !!