View Full Version : How often do you have trouble with Maintenance mode?

12-21-2001, 01:00 AM
Please share your practices with the "maintenance mode",
I had some problems with uninstallation mode even after cleansing the
registry's Uninstall key and Installation Information folder from the GUID
of my project.

Interestingly, this happens in such times that I can not find what causes
the setup to fail in Maintenance mode.
I've added some script to the component's OnInstalled and UnInstalled events
and made some minor changes to the setup script and after that I started to
have this errors. So, I used the backup of project and I re-added the
component event functions and the same minor changes but this time it worked
as expected.

Also, I had the setup started in NON maintenance mode (i.e. Installation
mode) after the product is installed while I was trying to figure out the
effects of changes I made to the setup script.

In short,
I can not be sure about the setup's performance on its process flow.
I want to know that it will work without any unpredictable failure.

And I want to hear from you if you'd like to share any words about this



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