View Full Version : CtrlGetMLEText has line length limit ?

12-17-2001, 01:00 AM
Hi everyone,
If anyone could please help me understand what is going on here, id be
so greatful. I've created a multiline text box from Visual C++. I then
compile it to _isuser.dll, and in my InstallShield project loaded it through
EzDefineDialog.... blah blah blah ...

Now, when I try to read the text from the Multi Line text Edit box by doing:

CtrlGetMLEText( ... );
SdShowInfoList ( ...); <-------- this shows lines have been capped
off !!!

I only get lines which have been capped off at about 61 chars, and another
instance at about 51 chars. I dont understand what is going on, and why such
a limit exists if I can successfully do a CtrlSetMLEText in the first place.

Thank you all in advance,