View Full Version : WORKAROUND/FIX: Package for the web and XP

12-12-2001, 01:00 AM
I have both IS6 Professional and IS7 Devleoper installed on my Windows XP
box. I have been unable to digitally sign an internet media package. I
contacted Verisign about this issue and they said they do not support using
Installshield to sign code, and after reviewing the LACK OF RESPONSE in the
package for the web community NEITHER DOES INSTALLSHIELD!!!!!

So for those folks who are stuck and can not sign there packages here is the
fix. Hopefully Installshield will read this and incoprorate these fixes.

You have to download the IE 5 signcode uility from Microsoft, the
signcode.exe porvided by InstallShield is useless on XP. This can get gotten
from the following location:


Extract these files, then double click on signcode.exe. This will launch a
GUI from which you will be able to sign your packages.