View Full Version : warning -5000 - How to do a clean build?

12-10-2001, 01:00 AM
I am trying to get my project to be built daily using command line
Traditionally, we clean up( delete) the build home directories everyday
so that this
location would contain only the newly built files each day.
This works fine with install shield 5.5 projects. But with my new IS 6.1
I get a -5000 compiler warning, saying that there is a file group that
points to a non existent file, setup.exe.
I also notice that the final build output is missing the setup.exe.

Does this mean that each subsequent rebuild, the media wizard does not
clean up the entire build location, but
reuses the setup.exe that it put in after the first build?
What is the right procedure to do daily bulds? Should the build
directory be left intact instead of being cleaned up?
I am also surprised that the IDE only reported the missing setup.exe as
a warning, and said there were zero errors!

I would appreciate any input or help you can give on this. Thanks very
much for your time.