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10-16-2001, 12:00 AM
Actually just found it. I was not looking for the contidional checkers but
for the Feature return state. I found it in the description of
FeatureRequestState Property.
Null - Requests that no action be taken for this item.
2 - Item is to be removed.
3 - Item is to be installed locally
4 - Item is to be installed and run from the source media.
5 - If the feature is installed, reinstall it in the same state.

"Robert Dickau (InstallShield)" <vb@installshield.com> wrote in message
> For other values (and other forms of similar conditions), please see the
> Help Library page "Conditional Statement Syntax".
> "Manish Aggarwal" <maggarwa@hotmail.com> wrote in message
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> > Hi,
> > To find out whether a feature is installed we do &FeatureName = 3
> which
> > means that this feature is selected in the custom setup dialog and the
> > feature is not installed. My question is what are the other values can
> > returned. I have added some custom dialog between custom setup and ready
> to
> > install and want to display then if the feature has been selected or not
> > (which I do conditionally).
> > The problem arises when you do a maintenance on, those conditions do not
> > hold true and my setup never goes forward because the these are tied to
> the
> > next button. So I need to add more conditions there to handle when the
> > feature is installed and deselected etc. So I need to know what other
> values
> > it can have.
> > Thanks
> > Manish.
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01-07-2002, 01:00 AM
I'm using Developer 7, with the Windows Installer 1.x engines,

I have a setup that has two features: A, and B. B is a sub-feature of A.
Both features have an Install Level set to 1, and the global INSTALLLEVEL is

When I do a test run (CTRL-T) and go into the CustomSetup dialog, the
features are correctly displayed as selected to be installed,

BUT when I do an actual run (CTRL-F5), and go into the CustomSetup dialog,
both features are displayed as not selected to be installed (they have a red
X on them).

What's going on ???


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