View Full Version : Help with simple control functions?

12-11-2001, 01:00 AM
I am using a resource dll with my custom dialogs since that is what I did
when working with ISPro 6.12. The help system in Developer 7 is far from
good and not many functions are documented. Lots of functions in my script
(from ISPro 6.12) is not documented in Dev7.

Anyway, to enable/disable controls in my custom dialogs I call the built-in
function EnableWindow() which is undocumented in Dev7. It is simple to write
my own dll with support functions but why do that if I could use built-in
functions instead? Well...once reason is that the help sections is so bad
that I don't even know about the built-in functions. So...I wonder if Dev7
have built-in functions for settings the visible state of a control and if
so...what is the description for that function?