View Full Version : Stop IS creating InstallationInfo HKLM\CompanyName\ProductName\Version reg key for Standard Project?

12-11-2001, 01:00 AM
When testing our install, I've noticed that InstallShield automatically
creates the following registry key:

HKLM\Company Name\Product Name\Version

i.e. HKLM\Acme Inc\AnyProduct\7.00.0000

We already create a registry key for HKLM\Company Name\Product Name\Version
but only use the major.minor (i.e. 7.0) part of the version key, and store
configuration information at install/run-time time. This is confusing.

Why is Installshield creating this key, what is it storing there, and when
does it get removed?

Does it create a new key for every different version - i.e. 7.00.0000,
7.00.0001, 7.00.0002, etc?

How can I switch this off; I don't want it created! or can the key be