View Full Version : Feature Event Handlers Becoming 'Decoupled' from Project

12-10-2001, 01:00 AM
I have a 7.01 Standard project that was upgraded from 2.03. The
project has several Feature event handler functions that I wrote.
These handlers get decoupled from the project, so that when I run a
setup, they don't get called. This happens several times throughout
the day (lately I'm spending most of my day in InstallShield) and when
it does, the only thing I can do is to comment out the code in
FeatureEvents.rul, re-select the missing events from the combo-box,
and then overwrite the newly-created empty handlers. This is very

Is there any easier way to re-sync the code in FeatureEvents.rul with
the project?

Rob Jones, Developer
Lightspeed Systems