View Full Version : Suppressing Reboot after MSI Engine Install

12-10-2001, 01:00 AM
Hi all...

I'm hoping this is simply another "what painfully obvious thing am I
overlooking" issue...

I am using Developer 7.01 and have the Windows Installer 2.0 files properly
installed and included in IS. I want to take advantage of the enhancement
annouced for 2.0 where the reboot after the MSI Engine install can be
delayed until the end of the entire setup.

I have the "Delay MSI Engine Reboot" set to Yes for the release I am
building, and I have placed "SuppressReboot=Y" in the [Startup] section of
Setup.ini. And I added the ScheduleReboot action to the end of the Execute

The darn thing still forces a reboot after the MSI Engine is installed!! Am
I barking up the wrong tree here -- does this new 'enhancement' actually not
work? Or did I leave something out...?

Thanks in advance!

Rick Bezouska
Senior Product Developer
VantageMed Corporation