View Full Version : Total Required Space

12-10-2001, 01:00 AM
I'm using Developer 7.01 ealuation version.
I have a few questions about FeatureDialogs: ( for example SdFeatureTree or
SdFeatureDialog2 )

1. For example, I have 2 Features ( F1, F2 ) and 1 component ( C1 )
included to the features
If I select F1 and F2 the total required size is double size of C1.
So, if there are components, included to more then 1 Feature the total
Required size will be much more then real size.
Is there way to get a real required size, when each component calculated
only once?

2. I can't find source for these dialogs.

3. What is reason for rounding component sizes to 32k ( when calculating
required space )? How I can get the real values?