View Full Version : merge module registry entries question

12-10-2001, 01:00 AM
I want to create a merge module out of one of our product subcomponents.
The subcomponent requires a large quantity of registry entries with a no
overwrite condition. In other words if the subcomponent has previously been
installed on the system, a reinstall should not cause all the registry
parameters to be overwritten by the defaults provided in the install.

In "normal" IS, I do this in InstallScript. Check for the existence of the
value, if its not there, then write it, like this:

if (RegDBGetKeyValueEx
( szKey, "TcpipRequired", nvType, svNumValue, nvSize ) < 0) then
RegDBSetKeyValueEx( szKey, "TcpipRequired", REGDB_NUMBER, "1", -1 );

But in a merge module, there is no InstallScript. Is there a way to
accomplish this?