View Full Version : Isolated Component not working

12-09-2001, 01:00 AM
In my Dev701 build, I am trying to get a COMCAT.DLL (ver 4.71) associated as
an Isolated Component with my Access97 application "myApp.mde". I followed
all the info and it created a "myApp.mde.LOCAL" in "InstallDir".

The Access97 Merge Module is selected.

When the app is run on the target PC, I still get the error in a date field
"#Name?" that indicates it is still looking at the COMCAT.DLL (ver 5.01) in
Windows/System folder (doesn't overwrite a higher version).

The component COMCAT.dll has its own entry as Component_Shared field in the
Isolated Components Table, but am wondering if the Component_Application
field is correct?

I selected the foreign key to my MDE component but do I need to point it to
the MsAccess.exe to get this to work?

Don't know where to look now! Help please?

Thanks in advance