View Full Version : Buy language packs now or later?

12-09-2001, 01:00 AM
We have just finalized the design for our product, and our installation.
The design calls for the product to be easily localizeable.
We're using Dev7.01.
I read a posting in this group from someone who had trouble adding new
languages to an installation that was built before he/she bought and
installed the language packs.

Should I be paranoid and purchase and install the language packs before I
start work on my project, or can I quietly rest on my laurels, secure in the
knowledge that if I author all my custom strings through the English string
table, I'll be able to easily add new languages to my install?

Can I put off the purchase of language packs to when I actually need them,
or should I buy them in advance, just to be sure?



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