View Full Version : From InstallShield: *****New Online InstallShield Communities!*****

12-07-2001, 01:00 AM
The new Web-based InstallShield community forum is now here! You can find it
at http://community.installshield.com. All of the information located in
these newsgroups has been archived and will be moved over to the new on-line
InstallShield community by Monday, December 10th. These will be completely

Some of the new features for this online community include:

-Email notification when your post has been responded to

-Ability to subscribe to threads and receive email notification when posts
are made to it

-Superior Boolean searching capability- where you can search by Keyword,
user name, and dates in particular forums

-The ability to communicate with your peers and InstallShield experts
regarding the usage of InstallShield products

-You can create your own buddy lists and you are able to see when any of
your buddies are online

-Your have the option of displaying your email address. You can still send
emails to anyone who posts through the application using private messaging

-And much more!

Please keep in mind that the InstallShield Community is a user-supported
channel that allows InstallShield's user community to exchange tips, code,
solutions, and techniques. This online community allows for free
contribution of content, and we encourage members of these forums to assist
each other with technical questions.

Since InstallShield does not guarantee responses to community postings, we
do not recommend that you request technical support through this channel.
For technical support issues, please contact InstallShield technical support
via http://support.installshield.com.