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01-15-2002, 10:06 AM
I have a 2 hour and 40 min training video that goes over multiple parts of my companies product. We have about 30 to 40 automations that we used to accomplish this. Our company is going to be changing the name of the product. I know that there is a search and replace for text BUT is there any way to get to the screen shots that were created in the automation wizard so that we can edit the Name of the product that is displayed at the top of almost all of the screen shots.

This would be much quicker than having to recapture each shot and drag it to the portion of the automation where I need it. This also brings me to another issue:

There are times when I break a link and the length of the segment is reduced to 1 sec after the last element even through before I broke it, it was 30 seconds. Do I have something set up wrong?

Does anyone have an easier way to do the edits?

01-15-2002, 04:36 PM
Unfortunately, once an automation has been captured, there is not an easy way to edit the captured backgrounds. You could go in and recapture the windows you have in your automation and then place them in the location where you want them to appear. But, if there are a lot of recaptures to be performed, you may be better off recapturing the entire automation.

As for the sequence changing from 30 seconds to 1 second when you select to break the sequence, the Automation Wizard is breaking the sequence at the start time for that sequence. For example, say you have a line of sequences with the following start times: 2, 4, 6, 26

If you select to break the sequence that starts at 26 seconds, it will create a sequence that is 1 second long that starts at 26 seconds. The sequence that starts at 6 seconds will stay that way with a length of 20 seconds.

I hope this helps.

01-15-2002, 04:56 PM
I understand about the screen captures and will have to do this.

The issue with the breaking of sequences is:

I have 2 sequences, that look like the following (the #s being the elements, the - being the sequence and the . is empty space before the seqence)


I break the sequence at 2 because I realize that I am going to need the element number one to appear again after 2 has finished. I do not want the automation to get to large so I am going to reuse an element later on.

When I break the seqence at 2 the following happens:


Then I have to drag the sequence time for element 2 back to where it was. Often times you are not thinking about writing down the exact time where the sequence left off and then you have to try to remember where it was.

Is there anything that can be done about this?

01-16-2002, 10:14 AM
I was able to reproduce the behavior you describe by doing the following:

If a sequence at the end of the Automation is broken before a sequence at the beginning of the, DemoShield will change the earlier sequence to a length of 1 second. The reason for this is, when creating your Automation, DemoShield will leave 1 second at the end of the Automation to display the last sequence. For example, if you have an Automation with the following line of sequences:


We are going to extend sequence 4 so it will stay on scene a while before disappearing. The sequence now looks like this:


We decide to break sequence 3 from the line to edit it. It will now look like this:


Notice how sequence 4 has a time of 1 second after it. DemoShield is resetting the last sequence to have a time of 1 second.

Next, we decide to break sequence 2 from the line to edit this. It will now look like this:


DemoShield breaks sequence 2 as though it is a new line and gives it a time of 1 second to complete the sequence.

To avoid this in the future, simply merge sequence 3 and 4 with 2 before breaking 2 from sequence 1.

I hope this helps.

01-18-2002, 09:53 AM
Actually, I don't think merging the #2 sequence with 3 and 4 will work either. This is because I want to see #2 again in the automation after 3 and 4 have been shown.

If I merge it with 3 and 4 I would just have to break it again and then not only will 2 be too short but now 3 and 4 will only go one second past 4.

I guess it will not work at all.