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01-13-2002, 05:50 PM
We are currently evaluating the Demoshield 7.1 software and are 90% satisfied with this product. The issue is with regards to MPEG and they are listed below:

1) Is it possible to adjust the video window manually or to a different size than what is currently available on the software (normal view, double view, half view, and full screen)? We are looking for 400x300 4:3 aspect ratio for our presentation.

2) I am having difficulties programming an MPEG-1 video to play, stop, and replay or pause. When I try to add an action such as (left click mouse up - set video state - pause) it askes for the TYPE OF VIDEO but only give you AVI or MOV for a choice.

3) I understand that MPEG is not currently supported, but don't you think that you might be dealing with old media formats. Quicktime 6 (soon to be released) has NATIVE support for MPEG-4 which is also supported currently by WMP 7.1+. If this is the soon to be future, then MPEG should be a file format supported. Compression under MPEG-1 is very good for standard video on CD and MPEG-2 is excellent for DVD-WEB which is also soon to be the standard for CD type media. Could you tell me if DemoShield will EVER INCLUDE the MPEG support directly through its software program?

I must say, after spending only a few hours with this software, it has GREAT capabilities for authorware purposes!

I would greatly appreciate a response to these questions before making our final purchase descision.


01-14-2002, 10:32 AM
Here is some information that should help with your questions:

1. DemoShield does not currently have the ability to adjust the video playback window outside of the current Playback options. This topic has been brought up by other customers and has been submitted to our development team for further consideration towards a future release.

2. DemoShield does not currently support MPEG video format for the Play Video action. Therefore, the MPEG format will not be listed in the Set Video State action settings. We cannot guarantee the video playback when using an MPEG format and recommend using the Streaming Media Object to stream the video file through Windows Media Player or RealPlayer. To set the playback options for a Streaming Media Object you can use the Set Streaming Media State action. For more information on the Streaming Media Object, please refer to the following Knowledge Base articles:

Q105114 - INFO: Streaming Media Object

Q105285 - FAQ: How Does DemoShield Stream Windows Media Files and What are the Media Formats That Can Be Streamed?

Q105697 - HOWTO: Starting a Streaming Media Object Via a Button Click

3. DemoShield does not natively support MPEG video format. However, with the Streaming Media Object, the MPEG video format can be streamed using Windows Media Player or RealPlayer as mentioned in answer #2. Our developers are looking into additional features to incorporate into DemoShield. I will forward your concerns onto them for consideration towards a future release.

I hope this helps.

01-14-2002, 10:40 AM
Your information has been great in regards to controlling the streaming media. I now have the MPEG-1 file playing, stopping, and pausing with no problems at all. Final two questions:

1) Why do you not build in the ability to AUTO ADJUST a users monitor on playback of demo? Many other multimedia authoring products have this feature built in.

2) If we use a command line to adjust the persons monitor using a True and False Action, will this work? If you have heard of anyone doing this, please reply with the best way to make this work.

I am extremely excited about the capabilities of this software and I am also impressed with your accurate and timely responses to our questions.

Best Regards,


01-14-2002, 11:14 AM
DemoShield does not currently have the ability to adjust the user's monitor. DemoShield has two different playback options - Full Screen and Windowed. The Full Screen demo will scale to fit the user's monitor based on the resolution the user is running at. The Windowed demo will remain a constant width and height regardless of what resolution the user is running at. For example if a demo is created with dimensions of 640x480, this demo will appear full screen at a resolution of 640x480 and appear as a 640x480 window.

Unfortunately, I have not heard of anyone using an Event Object to check the user's settings and being able to adjust them accordingly. If I find any information in regards to this, I will be sure to post it.

All the best,