View Full Version : Uninstall deleted files it shouldn't

01-06-2002, 02:45 PM
I have an installation with a bunch of static, non-shared, non-registered WINNT/SYSTEM32 files. I'm using the latest upgrade of Pro 6.x.

I did a test install on a system which had every one of the those SYSTEM32 files already on it from other software. Thus the install shouldn't have copied any of them (they were all the same date and version on the pre-existing system as were being installed).

Then I uninstalled, and EVERY ONE of them was removed, despite the fact that the install shouldn't have installed them in the first place.

This appears to be an extremely serious and dangerous bug. Unfortunately, before I realized what had occurred I'd already deleted logs.

Nevertheless, the above is true. I know it is true because the system I ran the test install on is the system that IS was run on -- thus the files, which were linked to WINNT/SYSTEM32 were:

(a) already there when the build was done, as it was done minutes before the install;

(b) Of the exact same date and version -- they were linked into the build right from WINNT/SYSTEM32.

Note that registered or shared file groups installed to WINNT/SYSTEM32 (or not installed, as the case should be) were NOT removed -- only unshared, unregistered file groups.

So why did IS decide to remove these? As I say, the implications here range from annoying to disastrous.