View Full Version : Problem on win2000 with IS pro 6.1.2

12-21-2001, 03:46 AM

I have problem on win2000. I made a setup for WinNT and Win2000. No problem on WinNT but on win2000, the function Enable( FULLWINDOWMODE ) does not work.
I put this function in comment and after i have problem with SdWelcome function. Actually, I put szTitle with "Something", szMsg with "Something Else" and I have "Welcome ... %P".
I know that %P have to be replaced by PRODUCT NAME but not here. I don't understand why it is not "Something and "Something Else" that appear in window and it is "Welcome ... %P".
The setup is OK on winNT. The problem appears only on win2000:confused: .

Anyone have an answer or something else. I don't understand what is the problem.