View Full Version : help with checkbox in SdFinish dialog,please.

12-20-2001, 06:45 AM
first,sorry for my poor english.

i'm new to installshield ,and here is my problem:

i create a dialog by useing SdFinish(),
and i want to make the checkbox in dialog checked by default,
i know CtrlsetStat Function could make it,but i don't know how to give the parameter correctly,the function need szdialogname and controlid of checkbox to run,where can i get these thing?
i also look into the example come with online help,but the dialog
in it was customize by code,how could i get this function work with SdFinish Dialog???

would someone give me a code example?i would appreciate it.

Mark at IS
12-20-2001, 08:22 AM
To set the initial states of the check boxes in the SdFinish dialog box, set the initial values of the Boolean variables that you pass as the sixth and seventh arguments. For example:

bvOpt1 = TRUE;
bvOpt2 = FALSE;
SdFinish ("", "", "", "Checked", "Unchecked", bvOpt1, bvOpt2);