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12-17-2001, 11:34 AM
I am kind of new to InstallShield 6. We have the need to have an install that the File Groups are based on directories that exist. We have several different versions of our software so lets say for MN you would ship different files than you would for NC. Also, we do not want our Install script to need to be recreated from the GUI each time. Now from looking into the layout of the FGL files, it seems they are only INI files. So, what do I need to be aware of if I want to dynamically create the \file groups\*.fgl files?

In case I did not make myself clear in the above paragraph, all I want to do, is set up the File groups/set up types/components once in the GUI and be able to depending on a directory structure that we came up with, have a program I write go out and generate the file groups for me and insert files that should be associated with these.

Thanks in advace..

12-17-2001, 02:34 PM
One thought would be to set up file groups with dynamic links to directories. Then you could set up a command or batch file that could copy the appropriate files to the dynamic directories that the file groups are pointing to (depending on the version you want) and execute the command-line build from within the batch file.