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12-13-2001, 03:02 PM
I'm depressed.
Our development team quicky repaired an existing application for our client, and I was tasked with the installshield development. I fought with it for 2 weeks, and finally, the new version (3.53) was released and I thought my pain was soon finding closure.
Unfortunately, it seems old bugs were replaced by new ones.
Yes, MDAC 2.6 installs correctly. But now, I get a Dr Watson error with Win NT4 SP6a, and on certain systems, I get "Error 1309.Error reading from file:" all over thge place. (for CRXLAT32, P2SMON, Cdo32.dll, msvcp60, crpe32, implode, and crpaig80)
Another thing I've noticed is that I will deselect a merge module, yet when I build the release, it thinks that the module is still selected and I get a warning. Also, I created a Custom action, then deleted it, and from that point on, when I build, errors pop up! ARGH! Is there anything here that I can fix without having to wait for the next patch? Thanks for any help!!!

12-17-2001, 01:22 PM
Let's go though this one issue at a time.

Are you using the VBScriptingRutime merge module? If so, that is what is causing the crash on WinNT4Sp6 machines. We caught this through the message board on Thursday and made a fix. We are trying to add the fixed merge module to merge module gallery on our website tonight. So that should fix that problem.

I assume you are using Crystal Reports and their files. This causes a lot of pain. Have you go the Crystal Reports merge modules? They are free to 3.5x users. Once you download these, you can pick the Crystal objects/components your setup uses and the Merge Modules will add the files and dependencies.

When you add a merge module, all dependent merge modules are added automatically. Removing the merge module does NOT remove the dependent ones.

12-17-2001, 02:09 PM
I just noticed that you found the "Dr Watson" error and I'm very pleased to hear that (I'm testing the fix as we speak).
I am using the Crystal reports merge modules now, and I still have one wierd problem when I build my install CD. I don't know if it's a problem, but I thought I would share it with you all the same.

Two files with the same name and source location are included in separate features: CRPE32.DLL is found in %2 and %3. This may cause unpredictable results when installing the package.
Two files with the same name and source location are included in separate features: CRPAIG80.DLL is found in %2 and %3. This may cause unpredictable results when installing the package.

Thanks again for fixing the "Dr Watson" error so quicky. We were afraid we wouldn't be able to finish development on time because of it! :) What's up with those Dr Watson errors anyway? They are never descriptive enough!!

12-17-2001, 05:36 PM
Good to hear it was the VBRuntimeMergeModule that was causing the main problem! Have no idea what was up with it though...

As to your build warnings. Few reasons why this might happen.

1. Did you run any of the scanners? It is possible that this file was added from a merge module as well as was picked up when a scan was run. Go to the "Files and Feature" view and see if you can locate two instances of the files mentioned below. If you can find one, delete it.

2. It's possible (most likely) that these files were added from two merge modules. This will be the case if you added both 8.0 and 8.5 versions of a merge module. Look in the merge module gallery to see if there are any duplicates. It is recomended to use the Wizard to select the Crystal modules because their dependencies are EXTREMELY complicating.

If you can't find the cause of this however, it shouldn't really affect the setup itself. It's just a warning that the same file is added twice. The only thing that will happen is it'll be overwritten during the install.