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Tim Mayert
12-12-2001, 04:53 PM

We have just released software using IS6.31 and are now working on our first version update. Now I had to make some minor component changes, but the component structure is basically the same. The problem that I am running into is during a install it will come up in maintenance mode. This is OK, but then during both the Modify and Repair the install will fail with a file transfer error. It will fail at one of the components with an invalid path error, but will not state a file name. I traced the install to the component but that is as far as it goes before the error. It does not give anymore info as to what path is invalid. The file groups are all set to go to the <TARGETDIR> and this path seems correct just before the error.

I would like to know if the minor component changes, even basically, from one version to the next would cause this. So when you run in maintenance mode - Modify or Repair it gets confused on what was installed from the previous component to what is in the new component, which in turn causes the transfer error? If this is the cause of the problem then is there anyway around it or should the user then have to perform an uninstall of the previous version before installing the new version?

How does a modify handle new components and components that have been changed from a previous install???

Any Help would be appreciated.

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