View Full Version : IS engine(ikernel.exe) could not be installed? IS 6.21

12-11-2001, 04:49 PM

When i try running setup.exe somtimes from WIN 98 and WIN ME platforms i get the Ikernels message saying that:

The Installshield engine(Ikernel.exe) could not be installed.
The system cannot read from specified device.

I know they addressed this is in IS 6.22 can i dowload an update for 6.21 to fix this or do I have to purchase 6.22 from IS. I shouldn't have to since this is a known problem in IS 6.21. Is there a maintenece patch to download to fix this? please anyhelp will be appreciated....This error does not happen every instance i try to run setup.exe but most of the time. I'm sure our customers trying to install our product wouldn't like to keep clicking setup.exe untill it executes correctly....

12-20-2001, 02:21 PM
I had IS 6.21 and would get attached error on WIN 98 and ME machines when executing setup.exe. I downloaded IS 6.30 and seems to have corrected the problem. I hope;-)

12-28-2001, 04:48 PM
Just a note that the Professional 6.30 update is free to all customers who own the Professional 6.2x product. This is available at:


We also have an update to version 6.31 available, which is free to the same group of customers available at: