View Full Version : Problems with ReadyToRemove dialog

12-07-2001, 09:31 PM
I am trying to simplify a setup for a small application that only delivers 3 files (1 DLL self-registering).

I was successful in arranging the installation so only a DestinationFolder dialog displayed, followed by the ReadyToInstall.

For Uninstall, I wanted to make it so only the ReadyToRemove dialog would appear with the 'Back' button grayed out, so the user would only be able to 'cancel' or proceed with uninstall.

The condition on this dialog is "Installed And Not RESUME And Not Preselected And Not PATCH" and it properly launches when Add/Remove is launched by the user. Unfortunately, even though the dialog layout confirms that the 'back' button is grayed out, it is NOT. Even if I set the dialog behavior to Event-SpawnDialog, Argument-CancelSetup, Condition-1, it still goes back to the MaintenanceType dialog with the default choice 'Modify' even though via Property Manager, I have set _IsMaintenance to 'Remove'.

I have tried moving the Sequence from just before ExecuteAction all the way up to just after SetupInitialization, but it still behaves the same way.

In summary, 2 problems:
- ReadyToRemove dialog layout and behavior settings are being ignored.
- Unable to set default MaintenanceType setting to 'Remove.

Any assistance much appreciated,